Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

Natural Remedies For Allergy ReliefAllergy is a disorder of the immune system which can cause reactions like sneezing, watery eyes, itchy rashes, difficulty breathing, cramps, vomiting or swelling of the lips and tongue etc. One way of safeguarding against allergy is avoiding substances that may cause allergy if it is known to you.  People suffering from allergies normally turn to over-the-counter medications. But did you know that there are several natural allergy remedies which works well on allergies and are cheap too. Natural allergy remedies can offer an attractive alternative to the regular use of prescription medication. Acupuncture is also known to be a good way to treat and relieve the symptoms of allergies.  Given below are some effective natural remedies for allergy.

  • Apple cider vinegar which is normally used as remedy for weight loss, high blood pressure and high cholesterol is effective for allergies too. Consume two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day mixed with juice or water.
  • Red clover is another natural allergy remedy.  It can be taken in the form of Red clover tea, Red clover wine or red clover herbal supplements.
  • Inhaling Eucalyptus vapors are a natural remedy for allergy.
  • Alfalfa Tea is a very effective remedy for Hay Fever.
  • For skin allergy apply a paste of sandalwood powder and lime juice for reducing the itching sensation.
  • Lemon juice mixed with coconut oil can be applied on the affected area for skin allergy.

Apart from this taking Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables are helpful for fighting Allergies. Taking Honey daily also can help build immunity and fight several types of allergies. Consuming Juices like Carrot Juice and Celery juice have proved to be good for allergies too. Though it is best for people to avoid trigger factors for allergies many people still suffer from allergies. May be the connection of Astrology and Allergy has something to do with it.

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