Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Bad Breath

Natural Home Remedies For Bad Breath

Natural Home Remedies For Bad BreathBad breath or Halitosis is a common problem almost 70% of the world population is suffering from. But unfortunately most people are not even aware that they have a problem!  This problem has not only cost many people their personal relationships and friends but also have many people suffering from lack of self confidence. Proper Dental Hygiene and intake of healthy foods are a must to get rid of bad breath. Are you wondering how to get rid of the breath odor? Whatever the causes of bad breath is here are some wonderful natural home remedies to help those suffering from bad breath or halitosis.

  • Drink the tea made of fenugreek seeds. This can be prepared by putting one teaspoon of seeds in half a liter of water and allowing it to simmer for fifteen minutes over a low flame.
  • Another effective remedy for bad breath is avocado.
  • Eating unripe guava is useful in halitosis. Chewing tender leaves of guava tree also stops bleeding from gums and bad breath.
  • Using the water made of boiling parsley and ground cloves in water for gargling helps in treating bad odor.
  • Drinking pineapple juice regularly is a natural remedy for bad breath.
  • Eating apples daily removes the bacteria causing bad breath.
  • Chew cardamom seeds or cloves to make your mouth smell good.
  • Chew Basil Leaves (Tulsi) and then drink water.
  • Eating yogurt for 6 weeks will completely remove bad breath.
  • Have the juice of one lemon with a little honey in the morning and before going to bed helps in fighting halitosis.
  • Mix one spoon of ginger juice and one spoon of lemon juice in one glassful of warm water and use for gargling.
  • Chewing fresh Parsley or mint leaves.

Having fruit and vegetable juices are beneficial in the treatment of halitosis and should be taken liberally by those suffering from this disorder apart from going for regular dental checkups.

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