Foot Reflexology : An Alternative Treatment Method for Stress

Alternative Treatment Method For Stress
Foot Reflexology Sandal

Foot Reflexology is a popular alternative treatment method for stress relief and is widely practiced for thousands of years in countries like China, Egypt, and India as a treatment method.

So what exactly is Foot Reflexology? It is an ancient healing practice and a natural therapy method to help balance the body. It involves the application of a specific type of pressure on particular areas of the feet. As per this alternative medicine practice there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every part of the body and by using this treatment method it is possible to make one relax, improve circulation and promote a general feeling of wellness.

Foot Reflexology as an Alternative Treatment Method
Foot Reflexology was known to be first introduced in the 1900s by Dr. William Fitzgerald. This treatment method was called as Zone Therapy by him. This Therapy was further developed by a physiotherapist called Eunice Ingham who developed techniques and a body map of the foot. This natural therapy method later became popular as Reflexology.

How does Foot Reflexology Work? What are the Benefits of using Foot Reflexology Sandals? What are the cautions to be exercised while using wearing a Foot Reflexology Sandal? How is reflexology different from massage? What are some health conditions which can be treated effectively using this treatment method?

Benefits of Foot Reflexology Sandals

How does Foot Reflexology Work? What are the Benefits of using Foot Reflexology? Reflexology is becoming more and more popular today as a natural and alternative therapy method which involves massaging certain pressure points located in the feet, hands, and ears. There are numerous benefits of using this method of treatment. Given below are some advantages or benefits of using this method.

  • It can help reduce stress and tensions helping a person to relax.
  • It is an effective cure for aches and pains
  • It can help in treating sleep disorders by improving sleep patterns
  • It can help in treating digestive and elimination difficulties by strengthening of the immune system.
  • It can help the body cleanse and get rid of toxins thereby increasing mental and physical well being of individuals.
  • It is also known to increase circulation, assist in weight loss and improve the health of organs throughout the body.

How is reflexology different from massage? What are some health conditions which can be treated effectively using this treatment method? In reflexology pressure is applied on the nerve endings whereas in massage it is applied to the muscles and soft tissue of the body. The Art of Reflexology is not very difficult to learn and there are many courses and training classes available if one wishes to master it. This method is known to be very effective in treating disorders and health conditions like earaches, anemia, arthritis, asthma, back pain, cancer, chest pain, childbirth, PMS, heart disease, constipation, gout, migraine headaches, bed wetting, bronchitis, hemorrhoids, hiccups, deafness, hair loss, emphysema, prostate trouble, heart disease, overactive thyroid gland, kidney stones, liver trouble, rectal prolapse, undescended testicles, intestinal paralysis, cataracts, multiple sclerosis and hydrocephalus.

Reflexology Pressure Points on feet chart - Alternative Treatment Method For Stress
Feet Pressure points Diagram

How can a Foot Reflexology Sandal help? What are the cautions to be exercised while using wearing a Foot Reflexology Sandal? Reflexology is a natural therapy that necessitates the application of a particular type of pressure on specific areas of the feet related to the different body parts.If you are stressed out, fatigued, suffering from illness due to harmful toxins in the body, then using the Reflexology Magnetic Massage Sandals can help. The Reflexology sandals are specially designed sandals which stimulates the pressure points in the feet when the sandals are worn. These sandals are made based on acupressure and magnetic treatment therapy with foot reflexology. Through the stimulation of magnets to various pressure points on the sole of the feet, the corresponding organs and parts of the body can be healed and strengthened. One can walk a few minutes every day wearing these The Reflexology Magnetic Massage Sandals to increase the blood flow and oxygen level in the body thereby bringing pain relief to areas of the body where it is needed. Compared to the amount you have to pay a Reflexologist, the sandals come very cheap and can be worn again and again. So would that not be a great deal?

However, these sandals may not be suitable for pregnant woman and those suffering from health conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure. Also they are not meant to be worn all day.