Alternative Remedies for Anxiety Disorder

Alternative Remedies For Anxiety DisorderAnxiety could sometimes become your worst customer. Excessive worrying can lead you to varied serious physical harm in ways that may surprise you. Anxiety can result to stress and could affect your appetite. It can also drive you to abuse alcohol, controlled substances and tobacco. Learning how to fight anxiety using alternative remedies can help you win the battle.

Get a massage

Having a massage is perhaps the most obvious alternative remedy for anxiety. Massage therapy is a perfect anxiety reliever because it can reduce tension and relieve stress. A relaxed state of mind will give you an anxiety-free feeling. Massage is an amazing tool that you can use to cope with anxiety and stress. There is no remedy that can relieve stress better than a massage. The release of muscle tension can also cause the release of endorphins that relieve pain, helping anxiety sufferers to have a more relaxed body.

 Meditation and Exercise

Exercise is the single most effective tool to beat anxiety. This statement has fast becoming a cliché but it remains the truest remedy against anxiety. The truth is that the body releases chemicals during exercise that eases tension that could lead to a more relaxed feeling. Exercise releases the feel-good chemicals such as endorphins and neurotransmitters that ease your anxiety. It can also reduce the chemicals in the immune system which can exacerbate depression and stress. It is not necessary for an individual to spend hours in the gym just to lift weights.  Early morning walks, jogging and running are just few examples of weight bearing exercise that has low impact but the effects are enough to relieve one from stress and anxiety. Also, meditation and yoga can help relieve anxiety.


Struggling with anxiety can be relieved through the use of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy cannot cure anxiety but certain aroma can influence certain chemicals in the body. As a result, it will enable you to become more relaxed amid a stressful situation. Studies have proven that the mixture of lavender and orange oil provide relief against anxiety.

Natural herbs

There are a lot of herbs that have been proven to alleviate stress. Licorice root is one of them as it contains a hormone that mimics the effects of cortisone. Cortisone allows the body to react well to stressful situations. Passion flower has a mild sedative effect that gives you better sleep. On the other hand, some people who tried passionflower also experienced some side effects such as vomiting, nausea and rapid heartbeat.  This is why passionflower must not be taken without prescription from the doctor. Children, pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who have kidney problems must not consider taking passionflower. Kava Kava is a South Pacific herb that can help you relax. St. John’s Wort has shown to be more effective than Prozac in treating depression and anxiety. If you should plan to try any of those herbal remedies, it would also be wise to seek advice from a professional herbalist so that you will be given exact information regarding its dosage and administration.

Magnesium and B-complex

When people are deficient in magnesium their stress levels increase. It is an important remedy against anxiety. It has shown its effectiveness, safety and affordability. Magnesium naturally calms the muscles and the nervous system. It is a more long term solution in relation to other remedies available in the market. Magnesium offers anxiety relief that has no side-effect, safe and affordable. At the same time, you need to load up with B-complex vitamins; it compliments magnesium in making the nervous system a bit more relaxed.

Before deciding to take any of the above mentioned remedies for anxiety, make sure that you have consulted your health care provider about it.

It is important to have an open mind in trying out natural remedies to help you relieve anxiety disorders. Anxiety and stress could have very dire consequences if left untreated. Medications given often mask symptoms and don’t offer long-term cures. Natural cures are safer and more effective in dealing with stress and anxiety.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera used to suffer from panic attacks for seven years.  He now advocates healthy living as the best weapon against stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.